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Thursday, 1 July 2021

Do not forget to bring home immediately if this plant is found anywhere – our health

Nature has been providing us with many herbs for thousands of years to assist in our health care. Grass chamomile will be remembered by many. This plant is the source of many herbal properties, growing on the ridges of fields with small chamomile-like flowers, wherever the soil is.

It is a plant belonging to the family Asteraceae (Asteraceae). English name: Mexican daisy (Mexican daisy). In Sanskrit Sandhanakarani, Vronropa, Varanari; Saadhari in Hindi, Pardeshi Langley, Desi Sanjeevani Khal-Muria, Tal-Muria, Patarnchur, Stone Pelting, Stonework, Sanjeevani Herb; Kannada-Gabbu Savanti (Gabbu Sanna Savanti), Nettu Gabbu Savanti (Nettu Gabbu Savanti); Tamil-Vettukkaya, Talai; Telugu-గడ్డిచమంతి (గడ్డిచమంతి); Malayalam – Ramput Cunning Baju English – Known by many names like Troidex Daisy, Quote Buttons

It is also found as a weed at an altitude of 2400 m across India. It is a 60 cm tall, hardy, geyser, herbaceous plant. Its leaves are elliptical, 2-7 cm long and 1-4 cm wide. Its flowers are small and yellow.

Ayurvedic properties and effects

Its leaf reduces odor, hair fall, whitening, antifungal and anthelmintic.

Its leaves are vegetative and have anti-poisoning, anthelmintic and parasitoid properties.

It is an acid in the body, an antidote to bleeding, and to prevent severe, colds.

It has anti-inflammatory, antidiarrheal, antimicrobial and anti-carcinogenic effects.

Dosage and method of drug use

After grinding the leaves, the oil should be mixed and boiled, then filtered and the oil applied to the hair to reduce the dandruff.

Its leaves are used in the treatment of bronchiolitis, effusion and diarrhea.

Eating 2 teaspoons of leaf juice in the morning and evening is very beneficial for blood circulation and stomach disorders.

Consumption of 2 grams of this leaf juice in the morning is good for diarrhea.

Make and drink 3 grams of infusion, which cures liver disorders and respiratory diseases.

Adding 1 part ground gram to 2 parts leaf powder and using it has the benefit of preventing gonorrhea.

Combining its root powder with castor oil and applying it can relieve rheumatic pain.

By applying its leaves and root juice on wounds and organ ulcers, bleeding at the site of injury is reduced.

Adding honey and turmeric to the sap of the plant and applying it on the wound cleanses the wound and reduces bleeding.

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