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Saturday, 3 July 2021

Do not donate these even by mistake to those who come home .. – Our health

Kella is said to be the greatest of all donations. There are also some items that should not be donated. Donating is the act of knowing and helping someone when they are in need, whether they ask or not. Those who donate are called donors, and those who receive are called beggars or deserving. Most of the donations include food donation, clothing donation and many types of donations such as Godanam and Bhudanam. It is believed that giving like this will remove the flaws we have and bring us fame and fortune.

Some people make donations as they see fit. Such service could be money, clothing or helping them get what they want. Because of this always good happens. But many people unknowingly donate certain items. It is believed that giving like that catches the poor. Let us now know what are the objects that should not be given so.

Plastic objects: Many times when donating anything, things like food are put in a plastic box. They say it is wrong to give like this. The gift we give to others should be good but not bad. Since plastic is harmful to health it is useless to donate.

Broom: We think of the broom that sweeps our house as equal to Lakshmidevi. It is believed that if a broom is donated to someone, Lakshmidevi in ​​their house will go out. It is said that one should not donate a broom as the money earned from time immemorial will melt away and poverty will ensue. Next objects

Steel: Nowhere in our mythology is it said that steel objects should be donated. Scholars also say that steel objects should not be donated.

Old clothes: Then we give old clothes to anyone who is in need of help. It is good to give like this but the clothes we give should not be given as they are torn and have holes. Only good clothes should be donated.

Oils: Oil should never be donated to anyone. As if inviting Saturn himself by donating oil. That is why it is said not to donate to anyone. Objects after

Stings: Bonds should not be donated to anyone as they are not auspicious. It is believed that giving so will cause harm in the house.

Pen, book: If we ever want to give someone a pen book like a book as a gift, we should only give them a new pen and book. Giving away what we use is like giving our knowledge to someone else or not giving broken pens to anyone. The last of the items not yet to be donated

Sharp objects: Sharp objects such as knives and scissors. Adults believe that donating these can lead to misunderstandings between the giver and the taker. So do not donate any of the items mentioned now to anyone.

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