Be sure to look for women who dine with their husbands. Otherwise the risk is inevitable – our health - Health Tips Galaxy


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Saturday, 10 July 2021

Be sure to look for women who dine with their husbands. Otherwise the risk is inevitable – our health

Our Vedas tell us some rules to follow when someone eats. It would be great if we could understand the science secrets behind these without leaving them as superstitions. Let us now learn about some of the rules to follow while eating like this.

The first rule is to clean the calendars, ie legs, hands and mouth with water, before meals.

Also, before eating, one should praise the deities, especially Annapurna, and thank them.

All living things should have the same food.

Cooking women should bathe and meditate on what is pleasing to the mind and cook with a pure mind.

Also after the cooking is done the three loaves are to be put one for the cow, one for the dog, one for the crow, an offering to the god of fire, and then a meal with them at home.

The place where everyone cooks should sit in the kitchen and dine together. Apart from this, eating separately does not lead to misunderstandings in the family and there is no reciprocity and unity.

Adults say that the meal times are morning and evening. This is because the stomach that digests the food eaten in our stomach is only stimulated two hours after sunrise and two hours before sunset.

Those who eat one meal are called yogis and those who eat two meals are called bhogi.

The thing to eat is to eat only then with the east and north facing in mind. Meals made while sitting facing west have access to ghosts. Meals made in this way increase the incidence of diseases.

Do not sit on the couch and dine. Do not eat while holding a plate by hand. Meals should not be served in broken containers or plates.

Meals should not be taken even when going to the toilet.

Do not quarrel while eating.

Meals should not be taken even where there is a lot of noise.

Do not sit under a birch tree and dine.

The meal served should not be named.

Do not stand and eat in sandals.

Yet many such rules are written in our Vedas. Understanding and following the scientific facts behind these is very good for our health.

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