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Thursday, 8 July 2021

Are your children ashamed if someone asks them anything? Here are some tips to help you do just that

Shame on our Babu, If our baby is one of the four, he will not speak properly. This is what many people say about their children. Even if the children are ashamed when someone asks them something, The same can be said for not answering correctly. Many children are not able to be active due to shine not only when moving to new areas but also during online classes. However, if some tips are followed, it will be easy to get rid of shame in children.

When moving to new areas

Many children are very shy when they move to new places and talk to new people. The more the school changes, the more the house changes. Do not talk to anyone. Shame on you for seeing new people. Such behavior is called temporary traits. This makes it difficult for children to meet and be alone in fours.


Shame and fear are hereditary in some. Others come from breeding. Many parents raise their children mostly as ghouls. Children want to be more close to them. Children are raised with the idea that they have no difficulty and that they should take good care of the children. This makes it impossible for children to go into fours. Anyone .. anyway .. can’t answer if asked.

The surrounding environment

Some children answer with a lot of confidence. Other children know the answers but are unable to say them. However, the reason why children stay like this is because of the environment in which they grow up. Children also have phobias such as shame and fear due to the fact that they can not go more than four in childhood, single child, parents do not give proper boost to children.

Also in video calls ..

Some children do the same not only when they meet directly but also during video calls and online classes. Feel shy when read and told in front of everyone. Some do not want to answer, so they cut off the video call and turn off the camera.

What to do?

–Slowly make children get rid of things like shame and fear. They need to be told about the pros and cons of being like this from an early age.

–What to say to children should be explained as Clarity. Cool to say the least. Videos of children giving speeches on stage should be shown. Boldly speaking it is important to understand how everyone appreciates it.

–Children should talk about such things at night or in the mood. Only then will the children listen better.

–Children should appreciate taking a step forward as soon as their parents tell them to. Give them a prize and encourage them.

– Make sure you play with other children when you go out.

–Some parents are similarly ashamed and scared. Then their children will be the same. But seeing children change may not change. But the effort to change must continue.

– Children should be told to talk well with those who come to the house whenever the occasion arises.

–Children’s favorite friends go home and stay up all night slowly making it a habit for them to meet everyone.

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