You are very lucky if this plant is in your house … if you know why … – our health - Health Tips Galaxy


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Sunday, 6 June 2021

You are very lucky if this plant is in your house … if you know why … – our health

Parijatam plant is a plant that has existed since our ancient times. This plant is considered to be the most sacred plant for flowers. From the leaves to the roots of this plant, the whole parijatam plant has various medicinal properties.

Parijat leaves

The juice of the leaves is bitter and acts as a tonic. Excellent for arthritis, constipation, insect bites or decoction.

Parijat flowers –

This small, aromatic, white flower works wonderfully for gastric problems and respiratory problems.

Parijata stem –

The powder of parijat stem is very good for treating arthritis and malaria.

Treats a variety of fevers

Parijat is known to be a great anti-pirate. It cures various bizarre fevers including malaria, dengue and chikungunya fevers. Recent studies suggest that the extract of parijat leaf and bark is very useful in reducing fever instantly. It helps to increase platelet count in dengue and chikungunya fevers. It also inhibits the growth of bacteria / parasites that cause fever.

How to use it – Take a teaspoon of leaf extract and boil it with 2 cups of water until it drops to a cup. Also, you can mix 1 ml of olive oil with 2 drops of parijat infusion oil and rub on the soles. It helps to lower your body temperature.

Treatment of arthritic knee pain and sciatica

Arthritis and sciatica are very painful conditions. Parijat leaves and flowers have anti-inflammatory properties and specific essential oils that are beneficial in the treatment of arthritic knee pain.

Cures dry cough

Tea made from parijat leaves and flowers is used to relieve coughs, colds and bronchitis. Studies show that the ethanol extract of the Parijat plant is an excellent bronchodilator. It also works beautifully in asthma.

Immunity booster

Parijat flowers and leaves contain ethanol, which acts as an immunostimulator to boost immunity.

Diabetic control

Controlling high blood sugar levels is one of the major health benefits of Parijat. Previous studies have suggested that Parijat flower extract has a powerful anti-diabetic effect.

Hair nutrition

Parijat seed infusion clears dandruff and hair lice Parijat’s flowers act as a hair tonic and are used to strengthen hair and prevent hair fall. Parijat also helps to prevent white hair and other skin related problems.

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