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Thursday, 3 June 2021

The tip that will make your toenails look beautiful – our health

Foot fractures are a common problem for many people. Trouble with feet that are painful to walk and disgusting to look at. One of the reasons for this is not paying attention to the feet, but also the high body temperature. Most people have a hot body. As such, if they drink less water, the heat will increase and the skin will lose light and crack.

In this case, drinking plenty of water, doing yoga and getting relief with a home tip. Let’s look at Avento now.

Take a potato and mix it into a smooth paste. Strain the potato paste and collect its juice. Potato removes blackheads on the feet and also reduces toenails. Potato acts as a natural bleach.

Add a spoonful of toothpaste. It does not matter what paste you use or whether it is an ayurvedic paste. Mix this mixture well. Mix lemon juice in it. The acidic properties of lemon help in removing dirt and bacteria from the feet. Then keep the lime stick from falling.

Take lukewarm water in a bucket or bowl and add some salt. Then soak the legs in it for ten minutes and massage with a lemon in a circular motion. Doing so will improve blood circulation and make the feet healthy again. Then apply the prepared mixture on the scalp and massage thoroughly.

Doing this once a week will remove dead cells and dirt that have accumulated in the cracks and make the feet healthy again. In addition, most shoemakers should wear padded shoes. This reduces sweating and sore feet.

Also in yoga there are some yogasanas like bastri which makes the feet healthy which is unbelievable. But there are. Yoga improves blood circulation in the feet. Also walking on the lawn for a while in the morning keeps the feet healthy.

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