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Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Ten Foods That People With Kidney Stones Should Not Take – Our Health

The kidneys are an important organ in our body. These help in filtering out the impurities in our body and supplying pure blood to the body. Kidney stones are minerals and salts that are strongly formed in the kidneys.

Some foods and beverages contain chemicals that can sometimes lead to painful crystals in the kidneys. Stones come in many forms, and one type of food is not so good but the opposite foods may happen if you take another type.

If you have a kidney stone, ask your doctor what foods to avoid. It helps you a lot.

If you are not sure, or you want to be careful about all kinds of kidney stones, it is a very good practice to stay away from too much salty foods and carnivores and other animal proteins.

And do not forget to drink enough water for the body. It helps to dissolve the waste in your urine and expel it through the urine.

Calcium Oxalate Stones

Most people develop these types of stones. It is formed when the calcium in your bones is mixed with a chemical called oxalate which is naturally present in most foods.

Oxalate inhibits the absorption of calcium in the intestine, so more calcium accumulates in the kidneys and stone forms.

Avoid foods high in caffeine such as chocolate, tea, coffee, dairy products such as ice cream, salted cheese, butter, nuts such as almonds, peas and cashews, soy products, beetroot, greens, and tomatoes.

Reduce sodium intake: Sodium table salt, canned foods (incentive food) like noodles, pasta, breads, vegetables, packaged foods and pickles, pickles should also be avoided.

Calcium diet should not be reduced unless recommended by your family doctor. Healthy bone and teeth need calcium.

Diet containing uric acid should be taken in moderation, such as a non-vegetarian diet such as meat and fish.

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