See if you have these traits too !! Otherwise your kidney health is in jeopardy !! – Our health - Health Tips Galaxy


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Friday, 25 June 2021

See if you have these traits too !! Otherwise your kidney health is in jeopardy !! – Our health

The role of the kidneys in filtering the blood in the body and keeping the body healthy is indefinable. The kidneys also play a role in excreting small contaminants in the form of urine. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Just guessing it would be horrible and uh really have to cope when it comes to kidney problems and eventually having to remove the kidney. Here are some of the symptoms that can be seen in our body to diagnose kidney disease. If you have any such problems after reading these, be careful about kidney.

ఉన్నా Despite problems such as fatigue, low energy or poor concentration, poor kidney function can lead to the formation of toxins and impurities in the blood. Doing so can make you feel tired and weak. Another problem found in people with kidney problems is anemia, which makes man more vulnerable.

Sleep disturbance is a sign of impaired kidney function. When the kidneys do not filter urine properly, toxins are trapped in the blood without being excreted through the urine. This makes it difficult to fall asleep. It can also occur between obesity and chronic kidney disease. Sleep apnea is more common in people with chronic kidney disease.

ఉండటం Having dry skin is another problem. It flushes out waste and unwanted fluid from the body and helps build red blood cells, helps keep bones strong and keeps the right minerals in your blood.

◆ Urinary incontinence. Seems to go to the bathroom from time to time. If you have this problem then you must recognize that kidney problems are coming along with you. If this happens especially at night, it can lead to poor sleep and poor health. Excessive urination can sometimes lead to bladder infections.

Bleeding in the urine is a very dangerous sign. When filtering waste from the blood, healthy kidneys usually separate the impurities from the blood and expel the impurities. But when the kidney filters are damaged, these blood cells begin to “leak” into the urine.

Urine foaming. Excess bubbles in the urine – These are caused by the body not being able to provide protein and passing through the urine.

Always puffy around the eyes. A sign that the kidney filters are damaged, causing a protein leak in the urine. This is due to the leakage of protein in the body.

Swelling of the ankles and legs. Decreased kidney function can cause sodium to stop going out. Swelling of the feet and ankles. May cause heart disease, liver disease and chronic venous problems.

తక్కువగా Decreased appetite is another sign. It is a very common symptom, but due to decreased kidney function, a lot of toxins accumulate in the body.

Muscle cramps. Electrolyte imbalance is caused by slowing down of kidney function. For example, low calcium and inability to control phosphorus can cause muscle cramps.

Finally 3.

If there is any risk to the kidneys then all or some of the above symptoms may be present. Examine yourself once and protect your kidneys for ten periods.

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