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Thursday, 24 June 2021

Relieve joint, leg and foot pain in just ten minutes – our health

Let’s learn how to reduce these with home tips available to everyone at this time when leg pains, joint pains and back pains are on the rise. It can reduce arthritis pain in the legs, feet and joints.

All it takes is the district leaves. These are especially used in the worship of Ganesha. The district tree has a prominent place in Ayurvedic medicine.

The district should be careful not to let the milk come in contact with the eyes or face while collecting tree leaves or flowers. Otherwise there is a possibility of blindness or other skin problems. There are two types of races in the district.

One of them is the white district. The same is what we have to take now. Its flowers are white. These are worshiped as replicas of Ganesha. Take 10 of these white district flowers. Put them in a glass of water and boil till the color changes.

Now wash this water gently with leg pain and joint pain. Then place the boiled zilla flowers in a dry cloth and tie with string to the sore spot. Doing so will provide relief from leg and arthritis.

In case of foot pain, add castor oil or sesame oil to the leaves, heat it on the stove and bandage the sore spot when it is warm. In doing so the properties of the leaf together with the analgesic properties of the oil reduce pain.

Zilla flowers put the feet in boiled water and kept for ten minutes will reduce the pain. When back pain is severe, milk extracted from the leaves should be massaged into the affected area and infused into the body.

Then massage with sesame oil while still warm to see good results. The milk thus collected can also be used for arthritis. However care should be taken not to let this milk touch the eyes or face as mentioned earlier. Pregnant and lactating mothers are advised to follow this tip.

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