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Thursday, 17 June 2021

Powerful tip for mouth ulcers ..

Mouth sores are very scary to eat anything hot or spicy. Although there are many causes for mouth ulcers, mouth ulcers can be caused by vitamin B complex deficiency, vitamin B12, zinc deficiency as well as bacterial infections caused by a virus, chronic illness due to stomach worms, poor digestion of food and the use of English medications for any disease.

Mouth ulcers often occur due to the extreme heat of the camel in summer. Mouth ulcers cause redness of the tongue, sores under the tongue, and sores on the inside of the cheeks. These can cause excruciating pain. It can also cause mumps and headaches. Let us now see how to reduce it in a natural way despite the availability of drugs. Mouth sores also come from a lack of clean mouth.

Garlic works very well for mouth ulcers. Garlic is high in natural antibiotic properties so mouth ulcers can be reduced quickly. Crushing the two rebs and squeezing the juice will reduce the mouth sores. Doing this four times a day will reduce mouth sores. Rice washing water also works very well. Mouth ulcers can be cured by drinking thirty grams of ginger powder mixed with rice water twice a day.

Mix nutmeg powder in milk and apply it like sandalwood for two days to reduce mouth sores. Pure ghee also reduces mouth sores. Coriander infusion also reduces mouth sores. Mouth sores can be cured quickly by salting in lukewarm water and gargling. Coconut oil has natural anti-inflammatory properties. Applying pure coconut oil on sores reduces mouth sores and sores in the mouth.

Eating coriander, or amaranth, contains nutrients that reduce the risk of vitamin C mouth ulcers. Frequent spoonfuls of amniotic fluid mixed with water will never cause mouth sores. Soaking dill in water and heating the water and gargling with that water can reduce mouth ulcers. Chewing the leaves of Sannajaji and rinsing the juice works wonderfully for mouth ulcers. Do not eat spices or herbs that cause mouth ulcers.

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