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Sunday, 13 June 2021

None of this is endless blood to do before eating rice

Sometimes a prepared dish has too much or too little salt. Then follow this secret tip. But too often the secret to protecting from a bigger problem is not at all. The same lemon.

Adding lemon juice to a chili or savory dish will change its overall flavor. . Citrus fruit offers excellent taste. Lemons taste like salt. On your tongue, salt and lemon do similar magic. Biochemically, salt and sour taste receptors are quite simple compared to their sweet and bitter flavors. Tasting of salt and sour tastes depends only on the identity of the ions.

Sodium for salt, hydrogen for sour, and other flavors are more difficult to taste. Acidity and salinity can also lead to an increase in saliva. Both flavors literally make the food more palatable. Since taste is dependent on the energy of saliva as a solvent, your taste buds need to have saliva on your tongue, so your brain needs to absorb the taste. The result is that lemon flour is salty when added to food to bring out the flavor of any food.

Lemon juice enhances flavor as well as reduces acidity, fat and weight and gives the food a fresh, clean taste. Lemon juice can also change the texture of the food to suit a variety of needs, helping to soften the meat and make the spicy ingredients mild. Lemon juice contains citric acid, which helps break down fats, carbohydrates and proteins.

Lemons are inexpensive, easy to buy, consistent in quality and difficult to misuse. Choosing good lemons is not difficult. They should be bright yellow, firm to the touch,

How should you use lemon to improve your diet? Squeeze it into soups, sauces and drinks. Toss with salads, vegetables and pasta. Rub on meat, chicken and fish. Can be mixed into cakes, muffins and snacks.

For most dishes, except for baked goods and marinated meats and vegetables, lemon should be squeezed immediately after cooking. Add lemon juice and cook for a long time until it changes its taste and becomes bitter. It can slow down the color of vegetables if added at the beginning of cooking, but if added at the end it will brighten the color of the dish and if you overdo it your food will become very sour. Add a small pinch of sugar if it ever turns sour by mistake.

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