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Saturday, 26 June 2021

No matter how horrible the files, the moles are permanently reduced – our health

Files The problem is so severe that for many people morning sickness is a problem that can be terrifying, with severe pain, bleeding as well as difficulty sitting and walking. It costs a lot of surgery and medicine.

Follow this tip once. According to Ayurveda it can be easily reduced with a few tips. All we need for that is henna leaves. Gorintaku has many medicinal values. Putting it on the hand reduces body heat.

Works very well in reducing wounds and skin problems. As well as skin problems like eczema can be relieved very quickly by applying. Take a bunch of these henna leaves, wash them and soak them in a glass of water. Add a teaspoon of amla powder.

The medicinal properties of amla powder help in eliminating constipation and reducing the problem of piles. Soak the mixture overnight and strain the water in the morning. Drinking it every morning will make the diarrhea go away and soon the problem of files will decrease.

Amethyst, also known as Indian gooseberry, is rich in nutrients and a natural source of vitamin C. Acid helps to improve digestion and reduce acidity in the body. It is also effective for diabetics as it helps in regulating blood glucose levels.

It helps prevent white hair as a sign of aging and boosts immunity. According to Ayurveda, amla is one of the best chemical tonics that helps to brighten the skin, purify the blood and improve eyesight.

There are many ways you can breathe. Its juice can be taken in the form of marmalade, jaggery and candy or even eaten raw.

If you take henna water, you can reduce the stress on the cardiovascular system.

Can have a hypotensive effect that effectively lowers blood pressure. It helps prevent plaque and platelet formation in the heart and arteries, and helps prevent heart attacks and strokes. Helps to block files

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