Nerve Weakness, Swelling In The Nerves – Pain, Dizziness, Blood Clots, Bone Weakness, Heart Attack Do Not Come To Life – Our Health - Health Tips Galaxy


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Saturday, 12 June 2021

Nerve Weakness, Swelling In The Nerves – Pain, Dizziness, Blood Clots, Bone Weakness, Heart Attack Do Not Come To Life – Our Health

Hi friends, I am giving you the most important thing to give. That is, Nerve Weakness Nerves play a very important role in our body. So there is a need to protect these as much as we can

So what is neurological weakness today? What is the cause of it? What are their characteristics? Let’s learn the remedies and let’s find out why it is late!

First of all, nerves are very useful in supplying blood to the human body and nerves are useful in many ways in the human body.

Let’s learn about these symptoms, especially blood clots in the nerves, nerve inflammation, nerve blockages, nerve weakness, dizziness and loss of vision.

Let’s find out the causes of nerve weakness: This nerve weakness is especially prevalent in people with smoking, drinking, heart disease, blood clots, head injuries, and diabetes.

How to detect nerve weakness?

We can detect this nerve weakness quickly and easily .The main symptoms are dizziness, blindness, blood clots, forgetfulness and forgetfulness.

Learn about good remedies and dietary rules to prevent nerve weakness and take precautions before getting nervous weakness

First let’s look at the desired ingredients for the drink.

  • Take one glass of water
  • Blackheads4
  • Cinnamon / powder
  • Cloves3
  • Jaggery.

Now let’s look at the preparation

First put one bowl on the stove and pour one glass of water in it, then add the cinnamon and cloves and cook well .How to boil one glass of water till it becomes half a glass. Then lower it and strain it.

This drink should be taken in the morning or at night, half an hour before. Consume only once a day. You can add bella if you want. However, people with diabetes should avoid it. Doing so will not only reduce nerve weakness in your body, reduce knee pain, and increase blood circulation, but also give you a healthier body as mentioned above. Here are some tips to help you change your eating habits!

Dietary rules

People with dementia should eat foods rich in B12, especially milk, eggs and fish. Magnesium-rich foods, such as green leafy vegetables, are high in magnesium. In addition, peanuts can be soaked overnight and eaten the next day to prevent iron deficiency. This can be prevented by eating flax and walnut seeds instead of giving

Some yoga practices can also prevent nerve weakness, especially if they are

Aloma, Viloma Pranayam, Pasrika Pranayam should be done. In addition, massage the swollen area with oil. This reduces inflammation and improves blood circulation

Important Note; Follow this tip and drink plenty of fresh water so that there are no side effects.

Let’s sing as mentioned above and stay healthy.

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