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Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Nasty health problems that nails say !! See for yourself. – Our health

Most of the illnesses that a person has will go away after going to the doctor and undergoing various tests. What most people do not know, however, is that their nails can be affected by their illness. But there is no doubt about how to know. Read for yourself what kind of unhealthy problem surrounds our body depending on the nature of the nails. Then remember to be careful.

“Nails that are brittle, weak, and flaky are common to most people. All of these are also a sign of their own health problems.

Healthy nails are soft without fading, but if there is any difference in the shape and color of the nails it is as if the disease has been addressed.

Brittle nails

Rough nails are easily brittle and can easily crack. These are more common in women. This type of nail brittleness is called onychomycosis, and brittle nails usually break down quickly. To overcome this apply lotions containing alpha-hydroxy acids or lanolin on the nails and gently massage. However, people with brittle nails may have problems with iron deficiency, such as hypothyroidism.

Weak nails

Weak nails can break easily. Bending quickly occurs when you think you need to do something using force with nails. This can be caused by excessive wet contact or exposure to chemicals. Not only that, as part of the cosmetic consciousness, over-manicure, etc., weakens and dries the nails. Cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms, etc., especially in women, can also weaken the nails. Weak nails are more likely to be associated with a deficiency of B vitamins, calcium, iron or fatty acids. Starting taking a multivitamin will have a better result.

The layer on the nail is coming off like a peel.

It is caused by an injury on the outside of the nail. When the nail is used to remove the lids of cans or fruit peels on any ventilator, the pressure can cause damage to the inside of the skin, causing the nail to peel off. However, due to iron deficiency in many people, the nail layer is still peeling. Iron deficiency should be treated with lentils, red meat, fortified cereals or baked potato skins. Biotin can also be taken.


Have you ever noticed cracks that look like small horizontal or vertical waves on the fingernails? These are not a big problem if not accompanied by other symptoms like changes in the color of the nails but the horizontal cracks called bus lines are a sign of a more serious symptom. They are also present in some of those currently infected with the corona. Iron deficiency is indicative of anemia. However the horizontal lines indicate an underlying condition such as kidney disease.

Nails turning yellow

Yellow nails are commonly found in most people. In some cases, this may be due to the use of nail polish. Others, however, are yellow and pale in the absence of anything like that. These can be a sign of a very serious illness. Yellow nails are especially prone to multivitamin deficiency. Massage with tea tree oil or vitamin E and almond oil. Also multivitamin must be provided to the body.


Unlike the above, black scratches on the nails are a sign that the inner skin of the nail is injured, white spots are a sign of zinc deficiency, etc. are the big signs that nails give us. And remember everything carefully and overcome the problems.

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