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Tuesday, 15 June 2021

More energy than goat or chicken … A lot of strength is enough – our health

Greetings to the well-wishers. Today we will learn about the harm of eating meat and egg mixed with asparagus. Few vegetarians believe that the egg is vegetarian, and that eating an egg mixed with asparagus provides good energy and that the egg is vegetarian.

Before meat, asparagus, but many kinds of fruits, but a variety of vegetables, but not the same. Because? Asparagus or any other vegetable has only two or five grams of energy. The same mutton has twenty-one grams and the chicken has twenty-five grams of nutrients. In addition, mutton has a caloric value of 100 grams and chicken has 118 grams of calories.

But greens, especially asparagus, contain a lot of nutrients, including salts, sodium, iron, and calcium. Asparagus also contains four times more calcium than milk, and it contains no vitamins. There is no doubt in saying that.

But, it can be said that eating it in lentils is more than the nutrients in meat. Legumes contain 350 to 360 good nutrients, while lentils contain 345 calories. It has many good values. Meat is high in protein and not rich in antioxidants. But by consuming asparagus along with lentils, our body has the necessary nutrients and is very healthy.

In the same way adding asparagus to meat, or asparagus to egg. Or there is no harm in eating asparagus after eating an egg. But there is no benefit in eating this asparagus alone.

This asparagus is widely available anywhere. Its price is also much lower than other celery. Therefore, it has been informed that there are no side effects when eating this asparagus together.

In the naturopathic system, egg is also considered as a meat necklace. It is very good to eat asparagus with egg.

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