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Friday, 25 June 2021

Lose 3 kg easily in a week for PCOD, thyroid, overweight – our health

Let us now learn about the diet to be taken for thyroid PCOD. Take a detoxification drink in the morning. For this, cumin, anise and coriander can be mixed with honey in boiled water. Smoothie any two vegetables and add a teaspoon of lemon juice without straining. If you do not want to be sweet, you can take a carrot, beetroot, a whole apple and drink it as a smoothie.

If you are hungry by then, eat any seasonal fruit. Apples, guavas and mangoes should be eaten in moderation. Otherwise, if you want to eat breakfast, take pesara atlu, ragijava buttermilk. Or you can take buttermilk with cilantro, ginger and lemon juice.

For lunch, mix pesarappu and rice in a ratio of 1: 1 with vegetables. You can take any of the longer evening snacks. For that you need to take sprouted peas, bobbers and peas. Or eat any of the fruits.

Dinner should be served no later than 7 p.m. For dinner, you can use two, or two chapatis, vegetables, cheese or soy chunks for the curry. These provide plenty of protein. Exercise for thirty to forty-five minutes along with all of these. The body needs to sweat.

Avoid spicy and spicy junk food as much as possible. Fried in oil, keep away from fries and drink as much water as the body needs. As a result, thyroid, PCOD, increased weight loss after delivery and the good food we eat makes the skin brighter.

Get rid of hair problems and have healthy hair. Take months to challenge yourself and see for yourself the results. Success must be achieved if one tries with the resources given by nature. You can protect yourself from side effects caused by products or drugs available in the market.

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