It is enough to mix it with yoghurt. No one can stop the face from turning white .. – Our health - Health Tips Galaxy


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Thursday, 3 June 2021

It is enough to mix it with yoghurt. No one can stop the face from turning white .. – Our health

Yogurt is one of the skin care products used by women. It is available to everyone and provides instant relief for skin problems, helping to improve skin quality.

One study assessed the use of fermented dairy products (such as yogurt) on the skin and found that oral, as well as topical application of these products can improve skin health. However, more studies are needed to assess their efficacy.

In another study, researchers assessed the effectiveness of yogurt face pack on human skin. They found that the face pack reduces transpidermal water loss levels in the treated areas and improves moisture level, radiance and skin elasticity.

Other than that, yogurt has many benefits, including:

Helps exfoliate your skin – Yogurt and other dairy products contain lactic acid, which helps exfoliate dead skin cells and keep skin supple.

Keeps your skin healthy – Essential fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals in yogurt help nourish and keep your skin healthy.

Maintains skin health – Yogurt keeps skin problems under control by maintaining its elasticity and improving radiance.

Keeps your skin hydrated – The high fat content of yogurt helps to seal moisture into your skin, which stays hydrated longer. It can also help to tan skin, lose luster and fix darkened skin.

Relieves sun-damaged skin – Yogurt has a cooling effect on your skin. It relieves inflammation and pimples and keeps the skin comfortable.

For this take a couple of teaspoons yogurt. Add a teaspoon of wheat flour and mix well. Apply this mixture on the skin and wash off with cold water after drying. Doing so removes skin problems and makes the skin brighter. Wheat flour also provides essential nutrients to the skin. Also removes tan on the skin. Regular use of this pak can result in better healthy skin.

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