Is corona depleted oxygen a problem ?? Does fatigue leave you ?? Once the proning method is followed all will be fixed quickly !! – Our health - Health Tips Galaxy


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Saturday, 19 June 2021

Is corona depleted oxygen a problem ?? Does fatigue leave you ?? Once the proning method is followed all will be fixed quickly !! – Our health

Decreases in oxygen levels are often heard in recent times. Oxygen levels are a concern, especially in corona patients. This is one of the most disturbing things. Oxygen problem even after corona depletion, such as fatigue.

The most commonly prescribed method for fluctuations in SPo2 levels to increase oxygen levels in corona patients and those recovering from corona is the prone method (Borla lying down). It may sound funny, but it’s a method that gives great results. It helps to fight respiratory problems very successfully and to breathe well. Oxygen levels, which have dropped to about 60 under the current conditions, have also been significantly affected by the increase in levels above 90.

Proning means… ..

Oxygen readings of less than 94% are considered alarming. And those who are suffering from corona virus need to improve these. Sleeping in a prone manner can also be a good way to stabilize and improve oxygen readings.

It is also considered a clinically approved self-medication to increase oxygenation. Many experts and the Ministry of Health are still recommending this method to those with corona patients who have oxygen problems and do not have access to artificial oxygen.

How long should it be ??

Those with corona or respiratory problems are best advised to follow this method. This is because it helps maintain and promote ideal blood oxygen and saturation levels in the body. This can be done three times a day for patients suffering from any oxygenation problem who can increase their oxygen readings from 88 to 94 and above by self-proning for 30 minutes to get immediate relief or to replace the oxygen supply!

Who needs proning?

Not all patients who are tested positive for coronavirus and are on home quarantine need prone help. However, for those who are suffering from oxygen deficiency or waiting for medical help, this method i.e. proning (lying on the floor) can be of great help.

What time should it be ??

Proning should be attempted when oxygen levels begin to drop below 94 and artificial oxygen is not available from the outside.

Finally 3.

Proning, which is very important nowadays, can be practiced not only by corona patients but also by everyone with autoimmune problems. So there is no need for tension that the oxygen level has dropped.

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