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Friday, 18 June 2021

In 3 days, the fat around the waist and thighs will melt like wax – our health

Causes overweight, fat accumulating around the abdomen and waist. There is no benefit to using any type of medication. Recipes made with natural ingredients show very good results. The product available in the outside market is very expensive. It also causes many side effects but natural ingredients reduce the problem of overweight along with health without any side effects.

All we have to do is put water on the stove and put sliced ​​lemon in it. Add a teaspoon of pepper powder. Add a spoonful of rice. Boil them well and turn off the stove until the symptoms subside. Vitamin C in lemon gives beauty and health to the body and helps in dissolving body fat.

Pepper also promotes stomach acid and helps food to be digested faster. This allows the food to be converted into energy rather than fat. The nutrients in rice help in keeping the body healthy. Now strain this water and add a teaspoon of honey and drink it. People with diabetes should avoid honey.

If you drink this drink regularly in the morning on the run, the fat in the body will be dissolved. It also flushes out toxic waste in the body and reduces pimples and scars on the face. The internal organs of the body are healthy. All the ingredients used in it are at home so there is no cost.

All ingredients are available in all seasons so it is possible to take it regularly. In addition, drinking this drink can quickly reduce sore throat, sore throat and infection. People who are overweight can get rid of this problem by following these home tips.

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