If you drink this magical juice for 15, 20 rupees, the periods will come at the correct time – our health - Health Tips Galaxy


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Tuesday, 8 June 2021

If you drink this magical juice for 15, 20 rupees, the periods will come at the correct time – our health

Everybody wants menstrual periods for women to be good if they come regularly. But for most people these days it has become a big problem for about 60, 70 percent. Don’t know when. There are some important tasks. Functions are. Being a little more careful in such cases means that the problem is caused by these regular periods. You are on medication to get it right. But how long do we lure with drugs. Medications are a temporary solution. Physiology must change. You have to change habits for that.

The female body needs to balance estrogen and progesterone. That means following a diet that produces the hormone estrogen. They are soybeans. Soy is high in phytoestrogens. When they are eaten, they enter our body and are converted into estrogen. This has also been proven in one research. Soybeans contain 43 grams of protein. Soy should never be eaten raw. Cook and eat only. Side effects in soy beans are caused by goitrins. Scientists have found that goatrins are extinct when soy is cooked. Soaking and cooking soy for 12 hours has no side effects.

Day greens should also be part of the diet Soy milk, the mill maker can also be used in the diet. Hormones are balanced by consuming fruits and vegetables in the morning and evening instead of three meals a day. With this, the periods become regular within two to three months. Drink any fruit juice or vegetable juice in the morning. Then take a few sprouts. It should contain at least two or three types of nuts.

The day should be taking at least some kind of sprouts. Take a glass of cane juice or a glass of coconut juice in the evening. Drinking fruit juice without sugar is also very good for health. Take two guavas, two bananas and any two types of fruits on an empty stomach under the evening meal. Medications always give only temporary relief. Naturally available materials give permanent solutions. Stay healthy by consuming fresh fruits and vegetables.

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