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Thursday, 3 June 2021

If these are in the house then no epidemic will reach you – our health

People have been hit hard by the corona virus. Many medication tips have also been adopted to boost immunity to relieve it. But some of the ingredients in the house can prevent us from getting corona and boost our immunity. Let’s see how Avento is used.

We are familiar with the camphor used in sweets. It is used not only in sweets but also in painkillers like Jandubam. Its pungent odor prevents germs and bacteria from entering. So it should be steamed in water. Doing this will clean the airways in the nose and mouth and make the lungs stronger.

As well as seeing its smell, the anxiety and fear in the mind will go away and the mind will feel lighter. Even those with insomnia should not inhale its odor unless it is well relieved by those who are fit at home, children or adults alike.

Also another tip is that we all have onions at home so take an onion out of it and cut off the part with the fingers on the top instead of the bottom and keep it close to the head while lying down. Doing so will prevent the pungent odor of onions from becoming bacterial. The sulfur emitted from it destroys the germs.

Also another is the bathrooms where we have the most virus. No matter who uses it we do not understand what virus is in the bathroom. That’s when or when we go out we go straight to the bathroom. All those who came with us joined in the bathroom and continued to thrive there. That’s why you should put eye salt with a small cup in the bathroom. Salt is a natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial agent. Doing so will trap the negative energy in the bathroom by trapping bad air and allowing good air to circulate.

Also now we need to drink alkaline water to keep the pH levels in our body from falling. Alkaline water is available in the market. Alternatively natural alkaline water can be made in our own home. For that take a glass of boiled water. Keep them until they are lukewarm and add one to four pieces of spinach.

Also, slice the lemon into thin slices instead of slicing it and add it to the water. This water should be kept overnight and filtered in the morning and taken occasionally from morning to noon. This helps in flushing out the toxins in the body and keeping it healthy. In addition to all this, if we follow the social distance and use masks and sanitizers, we will avoid the corona epidemic as much as possible.

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