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Friday, 4 June 2021

How to know that K * rona has come and gone – our health

Chronovirus is growing rapidly in India and around the world. With global deaths crossing the 3 million mark, the COVID-19 pandemic is nowhere near diminishing its impact.

By this time, experts believe that there is a significant population that has already been infected with the virus once, without being tested for viral infection, with high immunity levels. COVID-19 has actually been declared an epidemic, and at a time when the world is in full swing, there may even be many people who have no symptoms of the infection.

, Many point out that most cases are asymptomatic during peak epidemics. These individuals have somewhat higher natural immunity against the virus.

You may experience abnormal chills or have low-grade persistent fatigue and body aches, similar to COVID-19. However it is natural to worry that you may have come in the past.

A positive test for the virus indicates that the virus is infected, depending on the antibodies in the body.

However, the patient may remain asymptomatic. There are antibody tests that confirm it.

Doctors say there may be signs that you already have COVID but some of these signs may also be true COVID symptoms.

Red eyes and conjunctivitis are usually seen with most viral infections. COVID-19 cases are also said to show redness and pus in the eyes. Red eyes with COVID are different from other viral infections, in the case of COVID-19, eye infection is secondary to other signs, including fever or headache. Therefore, if you have previously experienced an eye infection or red eyes with fever, it may be a case of COVID.

COVID can cause memory problems in some people. Some also report losing memory and having trouble doing normal things.

Now, as many people remember, confusion, imbalance, difficulty concentrating or even remembering things can be a COVID problem.

Brain dysfunction, inability to remember things or perform daily tasks simply, for no apparent reason, can be a reason to suspect COVID. Again, this may be different for everyone, but it is worth checking out.

In most people, mild fever, cough, cold, shortness of breath, and fatigue may arise and subside on their own. The body’s immune system may be fighting the virus. If in doubt, tests can be done to determine if the covid is infected. Even those who have contracted the virus must follow the rules of Corona.

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