How much fat in 5 days can melt fat around the abdomen, waist and thighs like wax – our health - Health Tips Galaxy


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Tuesday, 15 June 2021

How much fat in 5 days can melt fat around the abdomen, waist and thighs like wax – our health

Take a glass and a half of water. Put it on the stove, slice the lemon juice and put it in water. Add a teaspoon of cumin in them. Boil the water well and stop dipping it after its extract has landed in the water. This water can then be filtered and drunk with a spoon. People with diabetes should not use honey. Drinking this water will get rid of the problem of overweight.

Drink this water in the morning on an empty stomach or half an hour after eating a tiffin. Drink half an hour before or half an hour after eating in the evening. Drinking this water improves digestion and stops the accumulation of fat. Lemon juice with cumin water, according to some studies, has the ability to boost the body’s overall metabolism, which can help with weight loss.

On a weight loss diet, you must be hydrated. Water is needed to flush out all harmful toxins from the body and maintain a healthy weight. Lemon juice contributes more to it.

Obesity is one of the most common causes of serious health problems such as heart disease and high blood pressure. It is advisable to have control over what you eat and include some fitness activities in your daily routine as well as prevent obesity by drinking this water.

If you are overweight, weight loss is an important step you should take.

When cumin is taken with water, it swells. The nutrients in cumin come into the water and turn pale yellow. It is better to take cumin water instead of just plain water.

The compound in cumin stimulates thymol, an enzyme that secretes digestive juices well. It leads to better digestion and avoids bloating. Therefore cumin water is an effective remedy for weight loss. Vitamin C in lemon juice keeps skin healthy. And keeps the body hydrated and improves digestion.

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