Here are some easy cooking tips to help you get rid of sunstroke !! – Our health - Health Tips Galaxy


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Sunday, 6 June 2021

Here are some easy cooking tips to help you get rid of sunstroke !! – Our health

Summer is the hottest time of the year for everyone. Don’t go out in the sun Anna Sometimes you have to go out and do things because you have to do something. Sunstroke is a condition in which the body loses water and becomes dehydrated.

Sunstroke can cause headaches, nausea, vomiting, loss of energy in the camel, shortness of breath, abnormal heartbeat, and even death can sometimes be life threatening if proper care is not taken. Let us now look at what precautions to take in sunstroke and how to keep our health solid from getting sunburned.

Green onion is a good remedy for sunstroke. Squeezing the green onion and squeezing the juice on the back of the chest for a while will reduce body heat, and summer must include green onion slices in salads and regular meals.

మరో Another home remedy to escape from this is tamarind water. Take some tamarind and soak it in water, boil it for ten minutes, cool it down and drink it warm to get relief from sunburn. This water contains minerals electrolytes vitamins, this water lowers body temperature.

Coconut water also protects us from sunstroke. Excessive intake of coconut water can help prevent dehydration. It is also good to drink salted buttermilk more often in summer, mint juice also keeps the body cool and cilantro also cools the body like mint. Juice with coriander and mint and drink a glass every day during the summer to prevent sunburn.

ల్ Apple cider vinegar also works well for sunburn Drinking two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water is also good, aloe vera juice also controls summer sunburn. A spoonful of vinegar gel mixed with a glass of lukewarm water during the day will prevent sunburn.

కాకుండా Apart from all these, good sandalwood also works well to prevent sunburn. When you go out in the sun, you can grind sandalwood and apply it on your face like a face pack and wash it off after half an hour. Facial prominence also increases.

Finally… ..

See how many solutions there are in our house for sunstroke. We can do all this easily at home without having to worry about sunstroke and rush to the hospital, we can protect ourselves from sunstroke, stay healthy without being exposed to the key to dehydration, you must also try these. Stay cool in the summer.

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