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Saturday, 12 June 2021

Eating onions like this has irreversible results .. – Our health

Everyone knows onions, and lemons. Onions are said to be good for the mother. And onions are high in sulfur. Wheels and lemon slices are served. Why? I mean, the onion in the caramel is very tasty when eaten with lemon.

You have a lot of vitamin C. This lemon gives the body the nutrients it needs, but consuming too much of it can damage the enamel layer of the tooth. Squeezing onion and lemon while eating is very tasty for the mouth.

Apart from that, roti, parota, uthappam and chapati, onion chakras in masala curries, along with lemon juice, are very tasty.

Saliva is mostly produced in the mouth.

Because of this, the food in our mouths is fast food

The digestion passed into the duct is greatly increased.

Some people are afraid that anything can happen if they eat onions on a daily basis. But it should be realized that there is no harm in eating onions.

Our plea to health well-wishers is that there is no risk that the digestive system can be further developed, especially by eating onions during the day.

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