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Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Do not make these mistakes after frying the vaccine. Danger to life .. – Our health

Let’s find out about 6 things you should not do before or after vaccination by following the guidelines issued by the Center.

With several new changes being introduced in the ongoing vaccination drive in the country against Kovid-19, the Center has released a guideline outlining the do’s and don’ts of vaccinating people online to avoid any confusion.

Currently, India is in the third phase of the vaccine drive, where people between the ages of 18 and 44 are also eligible for the vaccine, but the Center has asked the states to give priority to vaccinating 45+ people as Kovid-19. Frying is especially important for the elderly.

Here are 6 things vaccines should not do:

> Under no circumstances should you take any medication other than paracetamol without your doctor’s advice after vaccination.

> From the day of vaccination, do not take alcohol or any other drugs.

> Paracetamol should be taken in case of any vaccine side effect. Do not be afraid in this regard.

> No need to register for a second dose.

> No diet is required after vaccination. All can be eaten including nonveg if not fever

> Paracetamol should be taken when side effects such as fever and headache occur. The doctor should be consulted when it is still severe without subsiding

> No other vaccines should be given after Kovid vaccines have been fried.

Vaccine covi shield, covaccine provides seventy percent protection in any body. For the remaining thirty percent protection we must follow the Kovid rules. Also believe the gossips heard outside and the vaccine should not be withheld.

People with diabetes, heart and kidney problems must be vaccinated. After a week the body will make antibodies. These increase the immunity needed to make the virus difficult to survive. That is why those who have not been vaccinated so far must register if available at a nearby health center.

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