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Thursday, 17 June 2021

Ayurvedic oil that turns white hair permanently black .. – Our health

From white children to teenagers and those in their thirties also suffer from these. Tired of the variety of dyes and oils available in the market. But follow this tip once. Naturally occurring ingredients should be used for it. These are the ingredients used to protect our health and beauty from our ancestors. Let Avento now learn that oil preparation.

The ingredients we need to take for it.

Add one teaspoon of amla powder, one teaspoon of brungaraj powder, one teaspoon of guntagalagara powder, one teaspoon of curry powder, two teaspoons of indica powder, one teaspoon of dill powder and two teaspoons of kalonji powder. Place them in an airtight bottle and shake well. Add a teaspoon of rosemary essential oil. Then take cold pressed coconut oil and castor oil. Castor oil should be taken in equal proportions to the prepared powder. Take twice as much coconut oil.

Mix the mixture well and cover the bottle. This oil should be kept in the sun for seven days. The nutrients in the cold pressed oil used in it get to the hair. As the oil heats up, no harmful minerals are formed. Also apply this oil only to the scalp. Again not just the hair but just the scalp should be massaged. Doing so will prevent the nutrients in it from getting to the scalp and white hair before the age of forty.

Provides beautiful, healthy hair. Apply this oil the day before the bath and the next day take a bath with natural kunku, seaweed or herbal, mild shampoo. The herbs provided by Ayurveda to us are very valuable. Using them can get amazing results.

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