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Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Amazing Home Tips That Will Make Your Life Greater In Health !! – Our health

For the minor health problems we face, work cannot be done without doctors, tablets, and injections. But with a little understanding and a little patience it can be easily solved at home. Some such tips are for you.

◆ People suffering from insomnia can take a spoonful of poppy seeds, mix it into a paste and mix it with a glass of lukewarm milk to get rid of insomnia. Sleeps comfortably.

Colds are a major problem for young children. Very troubled to breathe. For immediate relief from such a cold, take two fresh betel nuts and squeeze the juice. Add a little honey in it and if it is given by a cold child, it will bring immediate relief.

Some people keep sneezing one after the other without stopping. Sneezing like this makes you feel very sick. If you take fresh coriander and grind it well and smell it, the sneezing will stop immediately. This tip is a great solution for those who sneeze a lot.

ఉంటే If you have rheumatic pains in the body, you can grind cinnamon powder and drink it with a spoonful of hot milk during the day. Decline.

If a few people get any injury, we will quickly get sore and that area in the body will be very painful. If such sores are to subside immediately, take the leaves of the custard apple and apply a soft paste on the sore and the sore will heal within three days. It also reduces pain.

ంగు Fatigue, asthma, sinus, heart palpitations and respiratory problems can be controlled by taking equal parts of asparagus and horticultural camphor every day.

ఉంటే If the mouth coating hurts a lot, grind the cucumber and apply the sandalwood on the tongue and keep it for a while to get relief from the mouth coating. If you find it difficult to do so, add half a teaspoon of cucumber powder in boiling water and drink it, it will give a good result for the mouth coating problem.

◆ People with high back pain and muscle aches can reduce their pain by massaging the scalp with lukewarm hot peanut oil.

సమస్య Another problem that plagues during the summer season is the overgrowth of heat in the camel. Mix in a little rice flour

When it is well cooked and a little hot, knead the dough where the lump is and the lumps will burst. Relieve that pain.

కర్ Coconut oil mixed with camphor can be applied to the body to reduce itching, rashes, sweat glands and inflammation. Feels a little burning when writing but then feels cool.

Finally 3.

Needless to say there are all the tips that pages are not enough to write. All these are the benefits that come to us at low cost, even Ayurvedic medical experts say that there are no health risks due to such tips. So it is much better to improve health with small tips without rushing to that hospital for every little thing.

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