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Monday, 14 June 2021

Add a few drops of it in boiled water and use it like this

When the cough is severe, the stomach becomes painful and we suffer a lot. The root cause of cough is sputum. Sputum comes out easily when sputum is thin. Thin sputum thickens and turns into lumps that can be very embarrassing. It doesn’t come out. The cough does not subside. It can be used to reduce phlegm instead of the actual cough medicine. Home tips can also be followed for that. Let’s look at Avento.

Evaporation is a good solution to cause shingles. If you use the oil now mentioned to evaporate, the kapha will dissolve quickly. For this, take 6ml of coconut oil, 1ml of mint oil, 1ml of eucalyptus oil, 1ml of cinnamon oil and 1ml of cinnamon oil for joint and joint pains.

These should be well mixed and stored in an airtight bottle. All of these oils, except coconut oil, have a strong odor and have many Ayurvedic medicinal properties. Combine these in coconut oil and mix well.

Then add a drop of this oil to the boiling water and evaporate. All the properties of this mixture dissolve kapha quickly and reduce cough. Loosen the shroud that has accumulated in the nose and let it go out. And provides stimulation to the nose that has lost its odor. The accumulation of sputum in the nose can also cause the presence of black fungus.

Also this drug reduces infections in the body. This oil is good for joint and arthritis areas and can be treated in less time. These oils should not be used in large doses. Only one or two drops of the drug should be used. Frequent steaming can provide relief and overdose can lead to lung problems. These oils should also not be used in excess. Pregnant women and those with respiratory diseases are advised not to use this oil.

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