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Tuesday, 1 June 2021

3 days-Physical weakness, anemia 25 years of agility even at the age of 65 without arthritis – our health

These days everyone, regardless of age, suffers from some problem. Weakness, fatigue, lack of alertness especially suffer with calcium deficiency. All of these would come after 50 to 60 years but now the days that have changed are getting sick at a very young age.

Attempts should be made to correct this error. Today we are making milk to correct the calcium deficiency. For this we are using three materials. All of these materials are present in almost everyone’s home. We can make it easy if we pay a little attention.

For this we need to take raisins or raisins. All of these were not once available to us. Now that online shops and supermarkets are available all are available. It is rich in calcium and potassium.

Apart from reducing aches and pains, it also helps in reducing many stomach ailments. Helps to improve eyesight. Being rich in iron and vitamins also reduces the problem of anemia.

Then the walnuts we want. Walnuts have many health benefits. Eliminates heart related diseases. It offers many benefits to the body, albeit a little expensive. 10 raisins, some walnuts chopped into small pieces. Put the bowl on the stove and pour a glass of milk in it. These should boil well. Once they are well cooked, add walnuts and raisins.

Milk is also rich in calcium. Of whom acacia jaggery should be worn. Acacia is rich in essential oils, minerals, and vitamins. When the percentage of hemoglobin is low it is lethargic. Then intake increases the percentage of hemoglobin in the body. This milk can be consumed before breakfast or at night before going to bed.

Can be taken anytime in the morning or evening as you see fit. People who want to lose weight should take mustard or low fat milk. Those who want to gain weight can use whole fat milk. Taking this milk in the morning will keep you excited throughout the day. Milk intake also helps to cool the body.

All these ingredients are natural so there are no side effects. Consumption of this milk at least three times a week will reduce the calcium deficiency in the body. Physical weakness, fatigue are reduced and joint pains and leg pains are reduced. If you have a habit of drinking coffee in the morning, it is better to make it a habit instead. Eat or drink anything only half an hour after drinking this milk. If not, taking some time to make and drink milk will reduce the physical weakness.

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