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Saturday, 29 May 2021

You are lucky if this plant is in your house. You know why – our health

The plants around us benefit in many ways. There are many types of plants around us. But we do not know much about the benefits of these plants. One of such plants we will continue to see. But it is not known whether it is an aphid plant. It grows widely around our home environment. This means that once worn in our house it will remain the same forever. This has many uses. What most people don’t know is that there is health care everywhere. Let’s find out what happens if we take it every day. This is called Giloi in English. In Sanskrit it is called Amrut.

Tippathiga is a perennial herbaceous plant found everywhere in the village. Once grown it can live for many years. Pike will continue to rot again. Creeping and tangling on the adjacent trees. These plants are mostly used by Ayurvedic doctors. Juice, tablet and powder are made using tippatiga. These leaves are used to treat many types of diseases. Thippathiga must be used in medicine.

The presence of a natural biochemical in Thippathiga enhances the body’s immune system. People are told to drink caterpillar juice when dengue is in its infancy. This juice works very well when the number of platelets is reduced. The number of platelets increases. Increases insulin quality. Reduces oxidative stress in the body thereby keeping the body’s hypoglycemic activity under control. People with diabetes can control their blood sugar level by chewing two leaves in the morning.

How to make Thippathiga infusion for health care: Chop two leaves and boil them in a glass of water. After the water has boiled for five or seven minutes, turn off the stove and keep the water warm until it is lukewarm. Tea should be drunk as it is but once used only on the advice of Ayurvedic experts. These leaves should not be used by pregnant women, babies and nursing mothers.

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