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Sunday, 16 May 2021

Vaccinated people do not actually make these mistakes – it is very dangerous to our health

Our health is great luck. Many people are being vaccinated against the corona epidemic in the current situation. However no precautions should be taken after taking the vaccine. Suggestions on what to do are very necessary. Usually when there is any pain, they ask the pharmacist to name a pain killer or take the medicine they say. Doctors say it is a risk to the kidneys. If you have sugar and BP then those with sugar may have a little trouble with the urinary tract problem.

People with any kidney disease should not take any tablets after taking the vaccine. Taking painkillers while vaccinated can make it worse. Therefore vaccinated people should not use any pain killers even for a month. Paracetamol, Dolo 650 can be taken in case of any pain after taking the vaccine. Many people may skip medications previously used for arthritis, joint pain, and neck pain problems and use painkiller sprays.

Also, it is best not to give oral medications. Also it is not advisable to take injection. Fatigue may increase if the vaccine is taken while taking painkillers. In addition oxygen can also lie down. If that happens, consult a doctor immediately and seek help. That is why such tablets should not be taken. Some paracetamol contains painkiller compounds. Once taken by mistake, nothing. The same mistake should not be made again.

The government has decided to give it to everyone who has passed 18 years from May 1st. Everyone will be vaccinated in the coming days. They are more likely to be paralyzed if they take pain killers. It is advisable to keep them away for at least a week so that not everyone is at risk. Some people have headaches, fever, and hand pain. They can also be reduced by taking paracetamol. Failure to be vaccinated can lead to coronavirus infection. Will start working after a few weeks. Since this vaccine can only be used to boost immunity, it is important to take social precautions and take appropriate precautions to maintain our health.

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