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Saturday, 1 May 2021

Using these tips will 100% reduce joint pains, arthritis and leg pain.

Arthritis, leg pain is a problem that plagues everyone during this period. For some, the pain is excruciating. This will make the pain a little more intense. This can lead to increased pain and cramps in the legs when doing small tasks. This is due to a nutrient deficiency. These pains are exacerbated by sitting and working in one place. If these pains are minimal they will subside on their own. But it can be very difficult to work if this pain is getting worse. So do not ignore these pains. Because growing up can lead to many health problems. Let us know two Ayurvedic tips to reduce these.

One of which works from within the body. The other is to reduce pain from outside the body. Those who suffer from a similar problem must follow these tips. We need 5 dried plums to make this tip. This means that the dried Al Bakara fruit is also available at any dry fruit shop or online shop. These make the bones stronger. It is rich in flavonoids and minerals. These reduce bone weakness.

It is high in fiber. It reduces constipation problems in the body. Another ingredient is dry apricot. These are called fountain or dry apricot in Telugu. It is also available online or at the Dry Fruits Shop. It also contains antioxidants, fiber-rich antioxidants that boost immunity. Improve eyesight. Maintain heart health in the body. Reduce pain in the back and legs. They are also useful for brightening the body.

Ingredients taken now can not only reduce pain in the body but also add other health benefits if taken regularly on a daily basis. These should be chewed well. These should be eaten at least half an hour before bedtime. These increase the strength of the body and the ability to cope with pain. These do not have any side effects. Now for the second tip we need the flour that comes when playing for mustard oil. This is called mustard. It is also available online or in ayurvedic shops.

The next thing you need is castor oil. First, soak the mustard seeds in water overnight. In the morning, strain the water, put the bowl on the softly soaked mustard wood stove, add two and a half grams of castor oil and knead the dough. Then add a teaspoon of turmeric and cook. It should turn off the stove when the halva is cooked. This paste can be used in two ways, wrapped in a cloth and kept warm when slightly hot. How to apply this paste on the sore spot and bandage it with any cloth. This paste can be made once and used for up to a week. Doing this regularly will reduce the pain quickly.

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