This is how a new type of corona infects, find out the symptoms of a new type of corona | C0rona Symptoms – Our Health - Health Tips Galaxy


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Monday, 10 May 2021

This is how a new type of corona infects, find out the symptoms of a new type of corona | C0rona Symptoms – Our Health

The Korona epidemic is rampant. Many are infected and losing their lives. Some are struggling to survive. Symptoms of corona virus I will tell you in detail how the corona virus spreads. Let us also know when it is necessary to know and be careful.

The previous year Corona invaded us and caused us a lot of trouble. Again this year will be just as embarrassing. Proven to be spread by air according to Department of Health guidelines.

That’s why it started to spread quickly to everyone. That is why it is better to be aware of the virus and be careful. Not all bodies are the same. Everyone’s immune system is the same. The way it works is also different. Some people do not know they are infected with the corona virus. Some people become infected with the virus but their condition worsens. It takes a lot longer to recover. The reason behind this is their immunity. This virus causes oxygen levels to drop in those with low immunity. That is why so many lives are being lost.

Some mobs deliberately underestimate the virus and become infected with it. What is not done is to recklessly think that the infection will subside in four and a half days. People under the age of 34 are less likely to lose their lives if infected with the virus. You will suffer for many days from being infected with a new type of virus. It is therefore advisable to follow these precautions. Some people are more likely to come to their neighbors because of what they are not. If they have low immunity they are likely to go into a life-threatening condition. There will be no benefit suffered later. Even if you do not have a virus, you should refrain from wearing a mask, keeping distance, and going out for unnecessary tasks.

Depending on the symptoms, you may need to know if you have the virus. If you have symptoms such as fever, sore throat, and increased sputum, you can be 50 percent sure you are infected with the corona virus. The first day seems a little lethargic and the second day the fever is high. Some people do not have a high fever and feel lethargic. Feels more lethargic in your body than ever before. If so, you should immediately assume that something is wrong with your body. Such tasks must be done if the excess by evaporating immediately, rinsing the mouth with salt water.

Medication should be taken for fever. If the fever does not go away in two to three days, get tested for the coronavirus immediately. Some people have less of the virus and less ability to smell. If you have a bad odor or a bad taste, get tested immediately. If the virus infects through your nose the virus will block the nose. Because of this no odor is known. Get tested immediately if you notice these symptoms.

Some people have a fever but are bored and the virus is low in the body. Get isolated immediately if any of these symptoms appear. Warn them to stay away from home. Make the room separate. If the adults in the house have small children do not even go near their doorsteps. Take precautions if possible as far away as possible. Stay healthy by taking medication as advised by your doctor.

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