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Wednesday, 5 May 2021

These are the reasons why watermelon should definitely be eaten in hot summer – our health

We all know about delicious summer fruits, but do not know about their benefits. These are not only a very refreshing evening breakfast in the summer, but also a great source of nutrients. Muskmelon, also known as ‘sweet watermelon’, got its name from its strong musky aroma. It has a yellow fruit, sweet and pleasant aroma. During the summer they are abundant and have a high water content, which provides hydration and cooling to the body.

From its pulp to the skin and seeds, all parts of the watermelon have many health benefits if taken in the right way. The pulp and seeds can be made into a paste to make a face mask. It is a free beauty treatment that many people benefit from using. Applying the paste to your skin can reduce dry skin, scars, pimples, etc.

Also for pregnant women, watermelon juice is highly recommended by doctors due to its high folate content, which helps prevent water retention by expelling excess sodium from the body.

Carbohydrates – 8.6 grams It keeps the body hydrated: Muskmelon is high in water, which keeps your body hydrated during the summer.

It protects from heat. Ensures a good supply of important vitamins and minerals.

This fruit regulates blood pressure: Muskmelons are rich in potassium,

Muskmelon strengthens your eyes: Fruits are high in vitamin A and beta carotene, which can help improve your eyesight and reduce the risk of cataracts.

Muskmilan has high weight loss properties. Muskmelon is low in fat and therefore helps in weight loss.

It helps control diabetes: Muskmelons help control diabetes by controlling blood sugar levels.

Muskmelon boosts your immune system: Being high in vitamin C strengthens the immune system. Vitamin A stimulates the production of white blood cells to fight infections.

It relieves constipation: Muskmelon contains a significant amount of fiber in the diet, which reduces constipation by including more in your diet.

It can prevent kidney stones: An extract of muskmelon called oxykin has been proven to cure kidney defects and stones. Being high in water it also cleanses the kidneys.

Muskmelon can reduce your menstrual problems: Reduces pain due to its anticoagulant properties

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