There is a difference between a normal cough and a coronary cough. Be careful .. – Our health - Health Tips Galaxy


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Thursday, 6 May 2021

There is a difference between a normal cough and a coronary cough. Be careful .. – Our health

The cough that accompanies Co * Wid-19 is usually dry and your chest swells for air. If you suffer from shortness of breath and muscle aches, that cough may be a carnivorous-virus cough. The most common symptoms of chronovirus are dry cough, accompanied by a feeling of cold or fever. Chronovirus affects the respiratory system of an individual and infects the lungs and its tissues. As it spreads, the virus fills the lung tissue with fluid. The body is struggling for oxygen.

The result is more coughing and difficulty breathing. The cough is more pronounced and clear within a week, but if you have a persistent cough for more than a week, consult your doctor. If a person coughs continuously for more than an hour or does not stop coughing 3-4 times a day, they may become infected with chronovirus. Chronovirus is more severe if you have a cough in general.

How to distinguish dry cough from wet cough?

Dry cough, also known as sputum unproductive cough, can cause irritation and sore throat. A cough like this can result in difficulty breathing and difficulty swallowing food. This cough starts in the back of the throat.

Produces a dry, loud sound and has no mucus. Inflammation in your lungs can cause a dry cough. This inflammation in the throat can be caused by a viral infection or environmental conditions. Doctors report that dry cough is an important symptom in more than half of patients with coronavirus.

A wet cough produces a mucus at once and pushes mucus out of your lungs, making it feel like something is stuck in your throat. Wet cough causes fatigue and runny nose, as well as blood in the mucus.

Both dry and wet cough are different in terms of sore throat, severe, and noise. However, a dry cough lasts longer compared to a wet cough.

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