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Saturday, 29 May 2021

The 4 types of virus that reduce black fungus and cleanse the lungs – our health

When everyone goes out for any work, it is not possible to say by whom the virus is transmitted. The virus keeps getting inside us. We do things like touching some objects, accidentally touching the nose and mouth before washing those hands. Let us now learn about the ways in which this virus catches the nasal wall and destroys it before the virus infection harms us inside. It is advisable to take some precaution to kill the virus even if it goes into the nose or mouth. Inhalation of steam in particular is a very good endeavor. Scientifically proven to destroy this virus.

Vapor always helps to stop the virus from entering through your nose. The corona virus is completely dead between 60 degrees and 70 degrees. That’s it. It may have gone into our nose or mouth through someone when we went out. That doesn’t have to happen every time. But if so it can be prevented by steam. It is better to evaporate first than to do other things when you get home. Now steam engines are in everyone.

In the absence of water in a large vessel can be boiled well and evaporated with it. It is better to cover the head with a blanket and steam. More can be used in three ways to catch the same vapor. Common among all was yellow. Turmeric is also boiled in water and evaporated to reduce the virus. Use pure turmeric if possible. Turmeric has high medicinal properties. Black fungus is an infection that occurs in the nostrils. Even now it is better to put on yellow and steam. The second is horticultural camphor. It is best to take good non-perishable camphor and soak it in water and inhale the steam. The airways are cleansed.

The airways dilate and the virus dies and is expelled. Both of these are available to everyone. The third is eucalyptus oil. All types of oils do not dissolve in water and evaporate. But eucalyptus oil dissolves in water and evaporates. Vaporization kills the virus in the nose. Steam helps the virus clear and die. It has many medicinal properties. The fourth peppermint oil is mint oil. It can be very intense. It should also be soaked in water and steamed. It melts the shroud holding in the throat.

Apart from reducing colds and coughs, it also helps in killing the virus that has entered the nose and throat. It also helps a lot in preventing sore throat. People infected with the virus should evaporate two to three times a day. If it evaporates, even ordinary people will get rid of phlegm and mucus in the throat and stay away from colds and coughs.

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