Taken in combination with water, it can reduce arthritis, osteoporosis and joint pain by 90% – our health - Health Tips Galaxy


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Saturday, 8 May 2021

Taken in combination with water, it can reduce arthritis, osteoporosis and joint pain by 90% – our health

Joint pains, bone weakness, low back pain and pain in your back and joints are the real cause of flatulence in your body which means gas is well increased. Nerves weaken and constipation can lead to heart problems. Now the tip I am going to tell you is to get quick relief from these ailments. Gas problems can arise if these problems are ignored. Gas is involved in many places and puts evil there. If this gas gets between the bones, it will loosen the lubricant and cause the joints to wear out. This causes sounds to come from the bones when we walk, run, or get up.

Arthritis and swelling occur. That is why it is called rheumatism. It also causes arthritis, increased uric acid in the body, dry skin, aches and pains in many places, and a variety of problems such as fatigue, boredom, bloating, and paralysis. The cause of all this is an air defect. This tip also works very well to reduce lubricant wear, pain and noise between the bones if there is a problem with dry skin.

Add a teaspoon of castor oil in a glass of lukewarm water and drink lemon juice in the morning on an empty stomach. Do not eat anything until half an hour or an hour after drinking this drink. Doing so works very effectively on your body. The thing to remember is to try only twice a week. Take one day and give it two days and drink only the next day. But who should not take it should not be taken by people with BP problems, people with heart problems, pregnant women, lactating women. Taking this water twice a week will increase the lubrication between the bones.

Helps to reduce gas. Also learn another tip to reduce bone pain. Constipation, which improves the digestive system by taking a glass of water, helps a lot in reducing gas. Helps to reduce caffeine and reduce flatulence. Put the water on the stove and after it boils a little add a spoonful. Add a biryani leaf and cook for a while. Improves our digestive system and reduces gas and constipation. It is rich in fiber and helps in quick digestion of food. Prevents gas from accumulating.

This water is filtered and mixed with a little jaggery powder and drunk in the morning to expel gas from the stomach. Cleanse your stomach with natural tips and stay away from ailments.

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