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Monday, 3 May 2021

Such people should not be vaccinated under any circumstances .. – Our health

The second stage of the corona epidemic was made even more terrifying as it wiped out the lives of the people. At this point everyone is also advancing to be vaccinated. Some people have been vaccinated with the first step vaccine. Let us know who should not take it. Who should take it? Who should not take? There are all the rules, too. Let us now look at a few things.

Taking some precautions will keep you out of any trouble. Some people have doubts as to why they are not giving. The doctor tells me how the situation is outside. The first step is to get the vaccine in the United States, which is 75 years old, according to the manufacturers. This means that those who are very ill as well as those who are more prone to aging are advised not to take it.

The covaccine and cova shield given in India have not yet been tested in young children and should not be used in young children. So giving to children is not going to happen. Avoid any autoimmune diseases used in autoimmune diseases. Doctors have revealed guidelines that can be used if someone is taking chemotherapy for cancer treatment but is more likely to develop immunity to the virus if they receive an injection of live virus. People are told not to get vaccinated if they have a fever.

People with a high fever should be vaccinated as soon as they recover. Even people with allergies should not take these. Vaccinate after complete reduction. They say not to take the second dose if there are any side effects in the first dose. If they have not been vaccinated with any of the vaccines they have previously taken, such as those with allergies, the chemical compound may be present, so do not take the vaccine unless your doctor advises. People who do not have a blood clot should not be vaccinated. People with blood thinners, painkillers, heart disease, and many other cardiac problems should not be vaccinated.

Breastfeeding mothers and those who have been exposed to the corona once for at least fifteen days should not take the vaccine if the infection is active. People who are weak, those who are taking immunosuppressive drugs, pregnant women, people with allergies, people with disorders should use this vaccine with the advice of a doctor. People with coronary heart disease should avoid this vaccine. People suffering from chronic diseases should not be vaccinated without the advice of a doctor. Otherwise there may be a risk to life.

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