Soaking and eating these nuts will make your bones strong like iron .. – Our Health - Health Tips Galaxy


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Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Soaking and eating these nuts will make your bones strong like iron .. – Our Health

There has always been a misconception in society about you. Let’s read the information in it and think about it all week. The good that you do today cannot be compared to any other. Calcium is an essential mineral for bone formation. Sesame is the food that has the most calcium. Why other foods do not work compared to you. The more calcium there is. 100 grams of sesame contains 1450 grams of calcium. Adults need 450 milligrams, children 600 milligrams and pregnant women 900 milligrams of calcium.

We get it by eating a sesame meal. From ancient times the sages and sages said that you should eat more. Most people do not eat as it warms the body. You do not have the permission required to post. It may be heating up due to not drinking water properly. Eating avocado heats up. The salt in it quenches the thirst. It is as if your mouth is dry because you are not drinking enough water. Takes blood along with stool. How is it now. You will not stop eating avocado even if it is really hot.

If you do not heat it, you will be blamed and you will be removed. Drinking a little more water when you eat will not make it hot. Sesame powder does not heat sprinkled on dishes. Sesame seeds are best eaten brownies with dates or jaggery. Our body gets enough calcium. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use. If you want the calcium in you to be well absorbed, you can soak the sesame seeds and chew the sesame seeds separately from the sprouts when you eat them. Or come out together with the feces.

It is chewed well in the mouth so it is well digested and the calcium in it gets to the body. Chewing well helps the milk in the tooth to reach the digestive tract. It is good for adults to soak like this. It is a myth that eating sesame seeds can cause miscarriage in pregnant women. There is no diet that is better for you than it is for pregnant women. Pregnant women should take more calcium than normal people. Sesame contains more calcium than milk. Pregnant women should definitely take sesame seeds. It is good to take sesame seeds during the day. Sesame seeds should also be included in our diet as it is not good for our health.

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