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Monday, 24 May 2021

Reduce the cough, cold and sore throat caused by the terrible virus .. – Our health

This virus especially affects our respiratory system. Colds, coughs and sneezes in particular appear to be minor problems. But these can be very uncomfortable. Viral fevers also attack, especially when it comes. Coughing in particular is very difficult once it has occurred. No matter how many antibiotics and tonics are used, the cough does not go away quickly. Let’s cut these down quickly too and learn about the amazing thing now.

Take one and a half glasses of water. Well if you want to make it all day I have to take a couple of glasses of water and take a small piece of ginger that we need first. Take an inch piece of ginger and clean the ginger thoroughly and peel it. Then you have to cut this dough into small pieces. It is rich in vitamins and minerals. These are very good for our body. It is also an ancient Ayurvedic medicine for reducing sore throat problems.

And now we need bailiff. Also known as biryani leaf. These biryani leaves also have a variety of health properties. Add 1 or 2 biryani leaves. Also now we need one to four peppers as well as one to two or three cloves, two cardamoms. All you have to do is put them all in a roll or mixer and dry. We only see it as a spice. It has high anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. Can it work well not only to increase energy but also to reduce coughs and colds.

Black Salt You can add enough to a taste. If you do not have BP you should use black salt. It is high in Vitamin C. Also now you add basil leaves in it. You should also add a six or seven basil leaves. The medicinal properties of the basil plant not only boost our body’s immune system but also help prevent such symptoms. Many people say that basil leaves are not available. If they are not, they can add basil drops.

Now all we need is jaggery. Naha also take a small piece of jaggery and add. If old jaggery is not available, add only brown jaggery It not only immunizes our body but also helps to flush out the impurities in our body and ward off diseases. Also now you have to add in it you can also take a half teaspoon and add it. It also has ayurvedic properties. But they also work well to reduce sore throat. Also what do you think we need now? Cinnamon powder Cinnamon powder is otherwise high.

These work well to kill the virus in the body. Now all you have to do is boil it well for at least one to five minutes. Now we need to add turmeric. It has plenty of antibacterial properties. In addition to boosting the immune system, it can prevent a variety of viruses and protect our health. Add a teaspoon of turmeric and boil this water till it is half done. The ingredients used in Ayurveda work wonderfully to eradicate the virus but flu-like symptoms in our body. The result will be seen soon.

Turn off the stove after watering and you should take it in a glass otherwise it should be taken only when it is a little hot. Do not take it cold. How to take It means you make three glasses like this. One cup in the morning, one cup in the afternoon, as well as one cup in the evening. Take three cups a day. I added jaggery so it will also be tasty. This will not only increase your body’s immunity but also reduce the risk of colds, coughs and fevers.

When these viruses are exposed, our body’s immune system is immediately weakened. That is why appropriate precautions should be taken at that time. Drink lukewarm water without consuming too much junk food. Prevent diseases.

Not only that, you also need to change your eating habits. It is better to add health benefits to our diet. Try this remedy once in a while if you are suffering from cold and cough.

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