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Thursday, 13 May 2021

Reduce Body Heat with 5 Zabardast Techniques (Pitta Dosha 🔥) – Our Health

Yes, you should know if there is a problem with hair whitening or not, the cause of this problem is the increase in body heat. Dry mouth, excessive sweating, mouth ulcers, and excessive bleeding are all symptoms that make your body hot. There is no benefit to using any medication. I mean the body gets hot even when the summer is short. I mean this problem starts due to the increase in body heat. In addition, alcohol and food also increase the heat in our body. But don’t let the tension get you down

Take a small bucket and add some ice cubes and a little rose water. Now soak your feet in this water for ten to fifteen minutes. Pull the legs out and massage once or twice in the middle. The heat in the body decreases quickly. That is why the mind is also calm. You can also read any book by doing this. You can do it anytime but try to sleep soundly if you do it before going to bed at night.

As well as another rice water. Widely used to remove body and stomach heat. You take ten grams of rice drinking half an hour before a meal. Drink twice a day. Excessive heat can cause mouth sores. Therefore this water also works well for mouth ulcers. This is Intense Puller. It controls stress, hair fall, gray hair and acidity. Semipolished rice should be taken for better results.

The next is sandalwood. Sandalwood has long been used to remove body heat due to its cooling properties. This requires two materials. Mix sandalwood powder and water for two days and apply on your forehead. Pure sandalwood cools the brain, body immediately and also cools the body system. Works very well to increase concentration. Give it a try during the exams. If you have itching or rashes anywhere, give it a try. Shows good result immediately. This mixture can be applied all over the body. Sandalwood is available in all supermarkets and grocery stores.

The next is cold breath or cooling breath. This is a yoga technique. Cools your body instantly. Sit outside and sit in the lotus position and pull your tongue out and turn it into a cube Take a long breath from the mouth. Then let the air out through the nose. Do this an 8 to 10 times. You can also do this while sitting in a chair. You will feel body cooling while doing this. The next important thing is food and medicine. The foods you eat increase the heat in the body. Some make the body move. Except for salt, sour, chilli, lemon and amaranth, all other sour fruits increase body heat.

If your body heat is high, reduce spices and seasonings. Reduce packaged food. Bitter, sugary substances make the body dry. So you can enjoy such food. But when making them use alum with jaggery thread instead of sugar. Drink plenty of water. But not cooling water can lead to many health problems. So use pots. Eat more dry fruits. Eat fruits that naturally contain a percentage of water. Eat more watermelon, cucumber, watermelon, zucchini, etc. Reduce refined oils and take more buttermilk. With such a diet the body heat can be reduced.

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