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Friday, 28 May 2021

Principles of Chanakya Ethics | Life Changing Tips from Chankya Neeti – Our Health

Chanakya was a great scholar of our country and what he said is still applicable today. Although relevant to his time, they are adaptable to the present circumstances. He was a man of great personality who changed Indian history on the strength of his intellect, intelligence and ability. Chanakya through his diplomatic and political maneuvers made the common Chandragupta king of Magadha. Chanakya wrote a book called “Chanakya Nithi” or “Chanakya Nithi Shastram”. Here are some things that can give a meaningful turn to our life.

The “Chanakya Moral” is an excellent collection of Chanakya policies that can still be used today when it was written two thousand four hundred years ago. They tell of the various ideologies he taught even in those days, and they are a warning to us even today. People say this to learn about the vices that must be avoided to live a happy and great life.

These principles tell us the right way to live a good life. Chanakya morality is a good explanation of what we should and should not do in our life. 10 things mentioned by Chanakya, which we are sharing with you here today, can bring a big change in your life.

Never argue with a fool: Chanakya says we should never argue with fools. No matter how much you argue with them the result will not be.

Don’t tell anyone your weakness: because that weakness is sometimes used for our downfall

One of your flaws destroys all your features: Correct your flaws. Otherwise that could be the reason for your destruction.

Spend money wisely: Do not overspend. You can’t make money as easily as you spend.

Fear slander: – Fear reproach. Because they damage our personality. Try to stay away from blame

Eliminate laziness: Quit laziness and do tomorrow’s work today. Make it a habit to do work today

People we can not trust: Keep people who do not trust away.

Do not make friends with people who are more or less status than you: – They can mentally widen the gaps and provoke jealous hatred within.

To be happy, stay away from attachment: Learn to live according to circumstances without getting bogged down in bonds as much as possible.

Live in the present: – To live happily in the present, one should enjoy the present situation without thinking about the past and future events.

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