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Tuesday, 18 May 2021

People with pandemic do not make these mistakes .. – Our health

The widespread epidemic of corona virus disease has wreaked havoc around the world. Transmission of viral infection from human to human is a symptom of coronavirus. Therefore, according to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, people should not associate with infected people and form groups. Also corona-certified cases should be kept under house arrest and suspects should be kept in a solitary room for 14 days these days without meeting anyone at home.

Also, people from other countries need to be detained at home. In addition, doctors recommend that people with symptoms of a respiratory infection stay home alone for at least 14 days until they are healthy. So as we live in a country with a large population, home blockade has become crucial these days to prevent the spread of a deadly viral infection. And, while in the quarantine phase, there are some do’s and don’ts to prevent the spread of the virus and to stay healthy and calm. Learn about this in detail. No need to follow when detained at home

Do not share your personal furniture, drinking glasses, spoons, teacups, bedding, towels and other items with family members.

Do not take medications without consulting a qualified physician.

Do not stay close to your family members. Prefer to be in a secluded room for the period of quarantine. Avoid any social gatherings or family gatherings.

Do not touch your nose, mouth and eyes with your unwashed hands.

If you need to visit a doctor or hospital, do not use public transportation. Call a private vehicle or ambulance.

Go to the hospital without delay when you have any breathing or extreme illness.

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