No matter what is happening in the world, you still have to change like this .. – Our health - Health Tips Galaxy


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Saturday, 29 May 2021

No matter what is happening in the world, you still have to change like this .. – Our health

As we cook we add seven different flavors and try to make the ingredients delicious. The seven types are salt, oil, ghee, sweet, pepper, spice, and sour. Salt and pepper are more harmful to health at first. These are like mom and dad for flavors. Everything else can be thought of as a family. Chili, sour, spices are all present but the use of salt and oil is high. The lower their use, the healthier they will be. It is best to reduce salt and oil as much as possible even if they are not completely standard.

There are two ways to reduce salt and oil. Limit cooked food to one meal a day. Eating cooked food only happens once a day. We eat three times. Once the food is cooked three times, can salt and oil be limited once? The other two will not be the same. Eat sprouts and fruits as much as possible. Food cooked in the afternoon, nights may be limited to fruits. If you want Saturdays and Sundays, have a special meal. It should also be limited to one time.

Natural foods in the morning and evening means it is better to take toothpaste. These help in reducing the salt and oil in the diet. Another way to reduce salt and oils is to add salt and oil after cooking without adding salt or oil. Applying the oil lightly will reduce the size. This can reduce salt and oil by 90 percent. Thus low oil and salt consumption can be controlled. Sprinkling salt on top like this gives the feeling of eating salt without feeling like you have eaten without salt and oil. Doing so can help women maintain family health. After burning your hands, you can start now without waiting until you get sick of holding the leaves. Make changes in your diet from today and stay healthy.

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