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Tuesday, 25 May 2021

No matter how bad the habits, we can get rid of them – our health

There are 95 bad habits, unhealthy habits and vices in the mouth. Those who think it would be nice if a 5% is just a little further away. Some people want to get used to such things. Some will come out. Some more will go back again even if they get out. And my friends say I’m addicted. Think once.

Most friends who comment that it is because of who can do what if they stand on one word. We are told that such things are not wrong in jobs and businesses in society. If we make friends away, it will be possible for us to live alone for as long as we can. The community must have relationships in professional businesses. Being in it does not mean it is not in our hands. I have a technique that means evil should not stick to us. That desire must be removed from the distance in our minds before we can go without such friends. We try to stay away.

Now even things like this within us should always have a goal that I should never accept no matter how many people I have. We meet in friends 12 13 14 years old do not learn much. But most of the time we meet friends from 14, 15 years. Should I always keep in mind that I should not touch them if I get close to them? The mind must be set and kept in advance. They are anchored. You will feel prepared beforehand. Who they are is not in front of you. Suppose no one. I have only one target in life. Set a similar goal for your children.

That is why we have to nurture our children from the front. Keep in mind that you should never touch anything like this in life. Because once we get used to it, it becomes addictive. That is why we may have such friends. But we must not get used to it. And the thing about alcohol these days is that even girls in Andhra Pradesh in India are addicted to alcohol. That’s why 10 people met for kids means fun means drinking.

This means that once we get used to drinking, we change our mind and fail once. Do not fall into such situations as drinking. Do not do that means those addictions should not even go close. As well as some small family. Keep coming back with big friends. If so, see how harmful it can be if they have a habit. They drink for some pastime. It is very difficult to get rid of it individually as the suffering increases.

Because sticking to similar habits. Giving up is not at hand if you are thinking of getting rid of problems. Must try to be very powerful. But look these days the good giver is 5% while the bad tutor is 50%. In such a society, we urge you not to become addicted to bad habits if you want to avoid being spoiled, but to make another effort and live happily ever after as a good person, even if you remember our words.

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