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Friday, 14 May 2021

Nimes doctor who said the end date of Karona – our health

Now the increase in the number of corona cases is greater in the second wave. On June 18 last year, 11,000 cases were registered in India, adding an average of 35,000 new cases every day for the next 60 days.

On February 10, at the start of the second wave, India confirmed 11,000 cases – and over the next 50 days, the daily average was 22,000 cases. But over the next 10 days, the number of cases increased significantly, reaching a daily average of 89,800.

Experts say that this rapid increase will spread the second wave very rapidly across the country. .

Large religious gatherings, reopening of public spaces and crowded election rallies have been blamed for the rise in Corona cases as the Corona cases have dwindled. Dr Fatahuddin said there were warning signs in February, but that the people, due to government negligence, “did not come together with our actions.”

“There was a misconception among everyone about the general situation and not everyone, including the people and the authorities, took steps to stop the second wave.

Lack of beds

The shortage of hospital beds in many cities has plagued us for a long time. This is evident in the desperate cries for help on social media platforms. There are disturbing reports across the country that people are dying without timely treatment.

Many state governments say they are creating new facilities, but experts say it is difficult to keep pace with the growing epidemic.

The worst affected cities are Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmedabad with almost all the hospital beds.

The situation is no different in other cities like Hyderabad, Lucknow, Bhopal, Kolkata, Allahabad and Surat. Public health expert Anant Bhan said the authorities did not use the lean period to increase facilities.

“We learned no lessons from the first wave. We have reports that some cities have run out of beds and this should be the reason why the second wave is so difficult, ”he said.

There seems to be a lack of coordination between the states and the federal government on the supply of oxygen and essential medicines. Everyone needs a response and resources need to be shared between states. If so it is possible to control coronary artery disease and death.

The situation is dire when it comes to ICU beds. . But raising ICU beds and so on is not so easy. Raising the beds is not enough. Most of these beds should have oxygen facility. More doctors and nurses are needed to maintain the extra ICU beds.

Obtaining and implementing such facilities and ensuring good quality care in the short term will be a “difficult task” for the government. That is why the precautions we take and the protective measures we can take to prevent the third and fourth wave. Bravely face Korona.

The number of daily deaths in the second wave increased significantly. From the second week of May, the number of corona cases decreased slowly. Help anyone who comes to Corona. Provide mental courage. Offer your support to those who come to Coroni. Care should be taken in the case of the elderly, women, those with chronic diseases, those with heart disease, and children.

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