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Sunday, 23 May 2021

Is the prophecy of Brahmangari true in Krishnapatnam .. – Our health

It should be said that India is medically an ancient country as Ayurvedic medicine introduced you. Surgery like Sushruta is the first treatment in the world. He performed surgery with stones and tree branches at a time when there were no weapons now being used for operations. Ayurveda was the first country in India to have such a rich history. Anandayya from Nellore invented a medicine for Corona who is trading the world from such Ayurveda.

It is also being promoted on a large scale. Originally why this disease came. Why did this drug come to an end? How long does it work? These are the questions that haunt everyone now. The Brahmin once said that a disease called Koranki would come. The same is true. For every man, strength lies in courage. Be able to succeed in anything when you are brave. Courage protects us that whatever we do in the treatment of any illness will slow us down. The more courage you have, the more your immunity power will increase.

Frightened before anyone knew that Corona had arrived. As a result, the immune system is weakened. As a result oxygen levels fall and fall. Increase energy through diet. As well as mental courage must be developed. Many are propagating that the drug in Nellore works. They tell everyone who benefited there and who survived. Recently, a teacher came and said that he had eye problems due to some treatment in his eyes. There are differences of opinion about this.

For some we know the thing. We also know about TV channels. Some that are working very nicely. Others are showing that it is an accident. There is no evidence to say exactly how this will happen. This gave everyone the courage to say that corona shrinking means good. Many even went as far as Nellore. Those who could not go were asked to make arrangements to be sent for the drug. But there was a stampede for the drug falling on each other without following any corona rules. Doing so may increase the risk of the virus infecting more people.

Now everyone goes to someone’s house because they are not given medicine. There is a risk that the already infected virus will infect more people. Everyone has a bad opinion of Nellore. So when good is happening we have to take it as human and keep it useful to everyone. The AYUSH company has to confirm that this drug works. This drug is patented. The government supports this and gives people the opportunity to use it. Each drug has side effects. There is a risk of losing lives if the drug is not used for effects. Do not use any medication as outsiders say. Use only as advised by your doctor.

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