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Saturday, 15 May 2021

Increase immunity during a virus outbreak – our health

We get problems like colds, coughs and fatigue due to bacteria but not viruses. We take medicines immediately. All those viruses are of different types. Yet his drug may not work on it immediately. The bacterial virus will spread in two to three days. We do not know what kind of virus it is, so take that medicine. In the meantime, the virus will increase the infection.

And then when we humans are suffering from this kind of virus, what is it? First, look at it without prescribing drugs. Your body’s defense system knows what kind of virus it will attack and die. How to prepare the mechanism. Mechanism is the natural mechanism in the body. Suppose it enters the field .Plan prepares.

Do not eat anything when you are in trouble with cold, cough, infection and fatigue when it comes to rescue. But the body should be given the opportunity to increase the energy that is prepared in front of it. If we say things like this then why go away because we think why. Are now suffering similarly. Think now. That means nothing should work to increase energy for the body without feeding your body.

The body asks you to put the work aside and make a post phone call. Cough and fever make you want to eat without it. Even then you do not listen to the body even if you are told to lie down. And this is what we have to do. Do not go near the doctor because all living things listen. The body recovers when it sleeps without eating anything. What makes this difference for us fasting is that fasting gives the body rest when it is in good health. Giving rest when the body is well is a sign. With the help of fresh water, your immune system can destroy the virus that causes you colds, coughs and fevers in three to four days.

You have the power to fight off viruses and bacteria in the immune system. But think if you can not use the word that you do not use children or adults in our house when a virus attacks like this Do not eat Drink hot water from the morning. It needs to be a little hot like drinking coffee. You take a glass of lukewarm water. Lemon juice is high in vitamin-C. The virus is used to kill bacteria so drink it. When to drink for five minutes means once in the morning, once every two hours, then drink if you ever feel hungry. When you need energy then drink this water for half an hour. Also do not give food. This causes antibodies to be made quickly

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