If you know the secret of the Kondapalleru plant, you should know it – our health - Health Tips Galaxy


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Monday, 31 May 2021

If you know the secret of the Kondapalleru plant, you should know it – our health

Village nuts are familiar to those born in the countryside. These small thorny nuts are abundant in the coastal coastal areas and on sandy soils and cause severe pain in the legs. One would be surprised to know the uses of these cantaloupes. Crush these cantaloupes and boil them in horse milk to reduce fatigue, stress, diabetes and overweight. These nuts are crushed and powdered and mixed with buttermilk powder to increase sexual potency in men. In women, menstrual and cervical defects are eliminated.

There are two types of pea nuts, one of which is called small pea nuts, hill pea or elephant pea. Eating cactus powder gives birth to healthy offspring. Drinking a decoction of this cantaloupe boiled in water on a daily basis reduces the headache caused by bile. Gently paste the inflorescences and drink it as an infusion to reduce respiratory diseases like cough and tuberculosis. Cucumbers can be mixed with powdered milk to dissolve kidney stones. Co-crushed with plant roots soaked in milk and then filtered with milk and mixed with crushed honey can help reduce fatigue and asthma.

Take two teaspoons a day of ground nutmeg powder mixed with buttermilk powder to cleanse the liver and reduce various diseases in the body. This powder reduces body heat and activates it. For those who have diarrhea due to diarrhea, drinking a decoction of large nuts can reduce diarrhea.

Regular intake of this powder can increase the production of hormones. Reduces urinary tract infections such as pain and inflammation in the urine.

Prevents dry heart disease. Moves to the eyes and protects against cataracts. To reduce cervical diseases in women, grind thirty grams of plantain leaves and ten peppercorns in two parts and take two cloves of garlic twice a day in the morning and evening. It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce pain and inflammation.

Reduces inflammation and prevents heat-related diseases. Dissolves bad cholesterol in the blood and eliminates the problem of overweight. Prevents gum problems, dental sensitivity and dental problems. Prevents respiratory diseases like cold and cough. Eliminates flatulence, bile and phlegm defects in the body and protects against many diseases and keeps it healthy. Purify the blood. Dissolves cholesterol in the blood vessels and reduces the problem of overweight.

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